Georgie and Aleisha have written a manifesto for the modern woman. They've given us the science to back up what already makes intuitive sense: We deserve to be healthier. We deserve to enjoy our lives. I want to hand a copy of Give Yourself MORE to all of my girlfriends, the women I serve with in the Navy, and to every female patient I see. I think they’re ready for MORE. I know I am.

- Jeannette McIntyre, MD
Lieutenant Commander, Medical Corps, US Navy
This is the Rosetta Stone of helping women unlock their potential and create a mindset that will support their goals. Since 90% of my gym members are women, I read it for my clients, but found it wonderfully eyeopening for my own fitness journey. If you help others or want an edge for yourself, Georgie and Aleisha have packed this book with an evidence-based framework that will enable you to achieve MORE!

- Dave Rascoe, CFSC
Founder, LIFT Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching
Everybody needs MORE! I love this smart, approachable book on how to lose the diet mentality, claim your space in this world, and create a joyful relationship with food. You can love your body, desire weight loss, and reject diet culture⁠—all at the same time! Take back your power and fill your cup with Give Yourself MORE!

- Abby Langer, RD
Author, Good Food, Bad Diet
Give Yourself MORE expertly breaks down why diet culture doesn’t work for anyone—and provides a much-needed antidote that transforms healthy habits from punishments into indulgences. It’s an essential guide for anyone looking for easy, actionable ways to flip the script on what it means to make healthier choices.

- Robin Hilmantel
Digital Director, Women’s Health
A must-read for anyone who is ready to thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally. Learn how to let go of needless suffering through the pursuit of living with MORE.

- Allison Tenney, CSCS
Founder, Ignited Womxn Summit
I’ve been in the fitness field for a decade, and have yet to find a resource I can trust and believe in for women who want to do anything but lose that last five pounds…until now. If you suspect that diet culture’s “less is more” ethos is a twisted lie, pick up this book and read it today. You won’t find anything more comprehensive, direct, thoughtful, researched, and applicable as what’s inside. This is a difference-maker. Aleisha and Georgie are leading a charge for MORE, and I’m so excited to be rallying alongside them! Once you’ve read Give Yourself MORE, you will be too.

- Kourtney A. Thomas, CSCS,*D
Owner, Kourtney Thomas Fitness & Coaching
Our flawed, harmful cultural beliefs about women and their bodies are deeply entrenched, so if we’re going to get to a future where deprivation and punishment are replaced with nourishment and joy, we need voices like Aleisha’s and Georgie’s to help us navigate this new terrain with compassion, evidence-based insight, and actionable steps toward true wellbeing.

- Cathryne Keller
Wellness Editor, O, The Oprah Magazine